Polish only ~ basecoat, 2 coats polish, fast dry top- coat ~ $12 Feet ~ $15

Repolish ~ take off the old, put on the new! ~ $15 Feet ~ $20

French Polish ~ add $10

Quick Mani ~ shaping, cuticle clean-up, and polish ~ $40 Pedicure ~ $60

Men's Manicure ~ nail shaping, cuticle clean-up, nail buffing to smooth nails ~ $35

Paraffin Hand Treatment ~ hand massage, paraffin dip, hands stay warm in mitts for 10 minutes ~ $18 With 10 minute neck and shoulder massage ~ $35


Mini facial ~ cleanse, mask, and moisturize ~ $60

Teen Facial ~ $60

Wax ~ Brows ~ $18, Upper lip ~ $12, Chin ~ $12

Eyelash Tint ~ $20, Eyebrow Tint ~ $18, Both ~ $35


15 minutes ~ $30, 30 minutes ~ $55


~ By appointment, 970.925.5502

Massage Therapy ~ includes organic body oil/lotion, essential oils, hot packs or cold therapy. Relaxation, deep tissue, body mobility, myofascial release, shiatsu, energy balancing. 1 hour-$120, 75 minutes-$150, 90 minutes-$175, 2 hours-$230

Thai Massage ~ pressure point massage to harmonize energy flow, incorporates stretching; can be deeply relaxing or energizing; client may wear loose clothing and have no oil or lotions used. 1 hour-$120, 75 minutes-$150, 90 minutes-$175, 2 hours-$230

"La Stone" Massage ~ uses heated stones to give deeply therapeutic and relaxing benefits; cool stones may be used to decrease inflammation; feel the connection with nature. 75 minutes-$180, 90 minutes-$200

Prenatal Massage ~ Mom lies on a body cushion support system designed for pregnancy; individual needs are addressed, and precautionary measures taken; relaxing for both mother and child. 1 hour-$130, 75 minutes-$160, 90 minutes-$185

Ayurvedic Massage ~ consultation to determine your "body-mind" type; essential oils mixed for your specific needs, dry body brushing for exfoliation and lymphatic stimulation, hot oil Ayurvedic massage given, hot towel compress removing excess oil. Take home your Ayurvedic oil blend to use at home. 2 hours-$230



~ By appointment, 970.925.5502

Aromatherapy Body Polish ~ body exfoliation scrub and essential oils chosen for your skin type; steamed towels are pressed on to remove product. 45 minutes-$100

Aromatherapy Cocoon ~ body wrap using personally selected organic essential oils chosen for your specific needs; hot towels and thermal covers aid in delivery of oils into the body via the skin; during wrap, your choice of scalp, face and/ or foot massage is given. 45 minutes-$100, 1 hour-$130

Thai Herbal Tea Massage ~ Specifically chosen herbs chosen for detox, inflammation, exfoliating, moisturizing and sensory uplifting benefits are combined in a tea ball used as a massage tool. First a dry brushing is given with a natural body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system and slough off dead skin, after which Thai massage techniques are used with a hot tea ball, followed by hands on massage with aroma-therapeutic oils. Stretches are added as needed with your massage.1 hour 45 minutes-$230

Sinus Treatment ~ sinus steam with clearing essential oils and facial massage for decongesting. 25 minutes-$50

Scalp Treatment ~ warm essential oil scalp massage, hair brushing, warm head wrap, and neck massage; heal dry scalp, relax and soothe your mind. 30 minutes-$60      

Foot Soother Treatment ~ sage foot cleanse for detoxification, exfoliation, and reflexology massage which effects the entire body. 45 minutes-$75

Deluxe Pedicure ~ lie on the massage table and relax for your 'Foot Soother' treatment including full nail care and polish of tootsies. 90 minutes-$125

Oshadi Aromatherapy Consultation ~ choose organic essential oils for your specific needs~seasonal, mental, emotional or physical. this includes one customized body oil, a therapeutic lotion, and a facial toning mist. 45 minutes-$75


~ By appointment, 970.925.5502

Hungarian Facial ~ select the best cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, eye care products, specialty masques, night cream, and serums for your skin from ILIKE ORGANIC SKINCARE. A wonderful facial massage with a warmed personalized essential oil blend is given- take the oil blend sample home with you. While products work on your complexion, enjoy massage of scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, feet, and calves. Warm booties and hot packs are used as desired. Luxuriate yourself with this deluxe treatment. 90 minutes $185

Organic Facial ~ cleansing, gentle exfoliation, facial massage, hot towel steam, mask, and moisturizing; organic skincare products and essential oils chosen for your individual needs; scalp, neck, hand, arm, and foot massage included. 1 hour-$120, 75 minutes-$140, 90 minutes-$160

Ayurvedic Facial ~ Essential oils and fresh organic skincare chosen for your complexion needs. Ayurvedic massage is key, using specific massage techniques for stimulating lymphatic drainage. Face, scalp, neck, shoulder, hand, arm, foot, and calf massage is given. 75 minutes-$130